About DanSensuelle

Dansensuelle is a dance form designed for women who are looking for an enjoyable, sexy way to exercise.

  • Learn all the Right Moves
  • Look and feel sexy, confident and sensual.
  • No nudity is involved and all classes are closed to spectators.

Dansensuelle is for all body types, with no restrictions on height, weight or physical ability.

These classes are not intended to encourage you to become a professional erotic dancer, but you will go home with the confidence and ability to create your own sensual dance!


Curious about our Sexy Dancing Classes?

All classes consist of a great stretch warm-up, dance moves, and a fun choreography. Each class will promote flexibility and body awareness providing a solid overall workout. Routines may involve a chair, get you on the floor, or swinging a boa around, burlesque-style! Dansensuelle will definitely change how you feel, inside and out, regardless of your current dance ability.

These classes will leave you with strong sense of self respect and self acceptance in a non-judgmental, safe & fun environment.

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Sexy Dance



You'll stretch and strengthen every muscle with moves inspired by the best of Pilates and yoga. It's low-impact but high-intensity. And when you're done, you'll feel that exhilarating glow that comes with doing something great for your body.

  • The Muscle Sculpting of Pilates: Challenging Pilates-inspired moves define long, lean muscles.
  • The Flexibility of Yoga: Fast-paced yoga-style movements build strength and balance while improving your mobility.
  • Nonstop Movement: Fluid low-impact sequences burn serious calories - without putting stress on your joints.

Come in and get a great workout and have fun at the same time!